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What is a Percolation Test?

A percolation test (or perc test) is the first step in designing a new septic system. The test consists of two parts. The first is a series of deep observation holes to determine the soil type and water table. Then the percolation test is a process of carefully measuring the rate at which the soil will accept and absorb water.

Why is a Percolation Test Important?

An accurate percolation test is important because the design of a new septic system is based on the results of this test. Determining the soil type and water table will allow an engineer to properly size your new septic system so that it not only functions properly, but also protects the ground water from pollution.


Get Professional Testing with Us

In the state of Massachusetts a percolation test and soil evaluation must be performed by a licensed soil evaluator. We are one of the few septic companies that can offer this service in-house, and also provide the backhoe service for the test. This saves our customers both time and money.

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