Title 5 Inspcetions are required whenever a property transfers ownership in the state of Massachusetts. Rotti and Son offers reliable Title 5 inspections to ensure that your septic system not only meets state requirements but also functions properly. In this article, we’ll discuss how best to prepare for Rotti and Son’s Title 5 Inspection as well as what may happen if you fail the inspection.

What is a Title 5 Inspection

A Title 5 Inspection is a septic system inspection that is required by the state of Massachusetts whenever a property transfers ownership. These inspections must be conducted by a state certified inspector. At Rotti and Son, we have multiple state certified inspectors on staff, which allows us to complete inspections quickly.

During a Title 5 Inspection, Rotti and Son will inspect both the absorption field as well as the septic tank, including any connected structures such as pipes or pumps. We will be looking for any signs of wear on components, which can include leaks, damage, or other issues that could lead to environmental contamination. Additionally, Rotti and Son will confirm that the existing septic system is not discharging directly into the groundwater which could lead to environmental contamination. The results of this inspection will be provided to the homeowner immediately, and also sent to the towns Board of Health office for review.


How to Prepare for a Title 5 Inspection

Preparing for a Title 5 inspection by Rotti and Son is an important step in maintaining a healthy septic system. There are several key steps to take before Rotti and Son arrive to complete the inspection of your septic system.

First, if you have any records from your septic systems installation, or a previous inspection, try to make those available to the inspector. If you know the location of the septic tank, distribution box, or other components, try to expose them ahead of time if possible. If you don’t have any information on your existing septic system, or even have never had it maintained, we will still be able to complete the inspection. We have drain cameras, and locating devices that allow us to find all of the septic components often without digging up your yard.

Finally, consider scheduling routine maintenance/cleanings of your septic system as needed in order to keep it functioning properly between inspections. This will ensure that Rotti and Son do not find any issues during their Title 5 inspection that could have been prevented with regular check-ups.


What if I Fail My Title 5 Inspection?

Failing a Title 5 inspection can mean many different things. In some cases, a single component such as the distribution box or septic tank may be cracked or leaking. In this case that one component can usually be repaired or replaced, and that repair will bring your septic system back into compliance.

Other times, a system will fail due to hydraulic overloading of the leech field, or because the elevation of the leech field or leech pit is below the water table in that area. In these cases, a complete new septic system will likely be required. Reasons for a complete failure can range from old age of the system, to overuse, lack or regular maintanence or sometimes even poor design or installation.

Rotti and Son is the most reliable source in the area to inspect your septic system and make sure it meets all state regulations. We ensure high-quality workmanship with every job, no matter how small or large it is.

Whether you are looking to have Rotti and Son inspect your septic system or just want a routine maintenance check, it is important to be prepared for your Title 5 inspection. Rotti and Son can help you make sure that all components of your system meet the standards set by the Massachusetts DEP so that everything runs smoothly during an inspection. If there are any issues found during Rotti and Son’s examination, they will work with you to address them quickly. With Rotti and Son on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your septic system is up-to-date with state regulations while also keeping its efficiency at maximum levels! Contact our team today to schedule your Title 5 inspection!